About Sun&Sea

Sun&Sea is a range of excellent canned fish imported by BALTAXIA. They are characterized by the high freshness of the raw materials used in each package, while each individual piece is subject to strict quality control. Thanks to the long-proven method of freezing and storage of freshly caught fish, you can smell in each Sun&Sea tin the salty sea air and the smell of fish and other seafood, originating from the world's seas and oceans, from the coasts of Denmark, sunny Portugal, Spain and Iceland.

SunSea konzervy

SUN&SEA canned fish can be found in several European countries in multinational retail chains such as Ahold, Auchan, Billa, CBA, Coop, Globus, Kaufland, Makro / Metro, Maxima, Penny Market, Tesco, as well as in national retail chains and regional retailers.

10 reasons why Sun&Sea

  1. Diversity - Wide range of products from different parts of the world (Spain, Portugal, Ecuador, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia and other regions)
  2. Freshness - Cod liver always made from freshly caught cod
  3. Maturity - Anchovies always matured and stored in barrels
  4. Control - Seafood with the highest quality
  5. 100% natural - Preservation takes place only by heat, without the use of preservatives and chemicals
  6. Environment - Tuna caught with friendly method Dolphinsafe
  7. PEEL OFF - Easy opening of cans, easy even for children
  8. TEAR OFF - Unique system for separating individual parts of "multipacks"
  9. Tradition of production and at the same time modern processing technologies
  10. Controlled storage conditions
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